And how this gemstone found its home in a design by Stefan.

Many years ago, Stefan was walking through a trade fair held in the German countryside, where every year there is one of Europe’s largest gemstone fairs. Among the thousands of stones, a beautiful pair caught his eye. They were two rutilated quartz crystals, unusually clear, with strong silver-coloured needles of titanium dioxide shooting through them.  Though this gemstone is not uncommon, it is rare to find one so clearly displaying the silver shots sometimes referred to as “The Hairs of Venus”.  And to discover a pair of them together…? Truly unique.

man behind machine
gold pendant structure

The stones stayed in the safe for quite some time – Stefan waiting for the right moment and the perfect design to justify their beauty. Finally, only a month ago, eight years after uncovering them at the fair, the first of these treasures have inspired a repeat visit from one of our clients. The first stone has found its home in a gold pendant. The design has a minimal, yet strong architectural aesthetic, gently encasing the stone, allowing ample light to filter through.

Stefan is excited to share the finished piece with you here for the first time. Let us know what you think!