Custom Jewelry

Handcrafted custom pieces by Stefan Witjes are beautiful statements about you and your life.

Personal Consultations

To create the perfect piece of custom jewelry is to create something very personal. Consulting in person or online allows us to better understand you and uncover what will make your custom jewelry special. Whether it is a personal gift, an anniversary or wedding rings, our personal consultations are the first step in making your dreams a reality.


Finding the perfect engagement ring can be overwhelming, but with Stefan’s open personality and knowledge for his craftmanship, he can guide you through this exciting experience. Diamond or gemstone? What kind of precious metal to use? As well as how to find the right ring size. All these questions can be answered during a personal consultation.

Find out how Stefan can make this special ring for you!

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platinum and diamond engagement ring
black steel and baguette diamond ring
steel and diamond tension ring
pink tourmaline cocktail ring


Stefan will work closely together with you, for the creation of your wedding rings. Each pair is unique and designed for and with your desires in mind. Made from stainless steel, carbon, gold or platinum and with the option to use diamonds or gemstones. Laser engraving is also available.

Are you interested in finding out what the possibilities are? 

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Two yellow gold oval rings with a scratched matte finish. One right has a diamond, a pink tourmaline, and a green tourmaline.
custom design wedding rings
Jonathan and Adam wedding rings from Stefan Witjes. Rings are steel with black carbon inside featuring eternity black diamonds.
Wedding rings from stainless steel and a white diamond. Side view. WR.9.005


The birth of a child is a celebration and a perfect moment to gift the ones you love and cherish most. With your unique desires and completed with Stefan’s experience and eye to perfection, your piece of custom jewelry will be a beautiful statement.

Stefan is an artist and craftsman committed to your vision.

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diamond bracelets
pear diamond and yellow gold necklace
moonstone and diamond ring

Re-purposed gold

Jewelry often gets passed down from loved one to loved one. Unfortunately, over time, these pieces can become dated, left unworn and sadly forgotten. Stefan can re-purpose all the value, sentiment, and nostalgia of these old pieces into a beautiful new piece of custom jewelry.

Do you have gold jewelry you never wear? Let Stefan make something new for you!

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gold rings
white gold and diamond bracelet
yellow gold necklace with a 9 diamond pendant J.9.009
black ring with diamonds


Whether it is a deserving reward to keep for yourself or a celebratory gift for a loved one, Stefan’s designs are eye catching statements. A set or collection can easily be created as the aesthetic unity of Stefan’s jewelry allows you to powerfully mix and match with confidence.

It’s always the right time to treat yourself or a loved one, allow Stefan to make something for this occasion!

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red gold tourmaline necklace
obsidian and black diamond earrings
pearl necklace
Black stainless steel ring with 1.2crt black diamond.

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