We’d like to show you what Stefan has created for this Holiday season.

Stefan has made a selection of new pieces for you from his steel-diamond, gold and the very popular black collections, featuring beautiful champagne diamonds, black bracelets and a one-of-a-kind green tourmaline necklace.
Visit our website under GIFTS FOR HER for a detailed look at each piece.
Gifts for Her
Beautiful jewelry ideas in stainless steel featuring white and champagne diamonds.

Gold rings, bracelets and a green tourmaline necklace, ideas for luxury gifts.

Unigue gift ideas in black coated stainless steel featuring black and brown diamonds. in rings, bracelets and a pendant.

Not to be forgotten: Unique gifts for HIM!
Men's cufflinks from stainless steel with a matte finish. One has gold plating.
Stainless steel oval ring, top view.
gifts for him