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From time to time we will send you an email letting you know what Stefan is up to in the workshop and in the store. There is always something happening here and we’d love to tell you about it.

Stainless steel ring featuring an orange moon stone with small white diamonds set around it. Shown on a woman's hand.
18 krt gold ring with a large princess cut cognac diamond and matching smaller eternity set diamonds.


NEW!! Jewelry Route Amsterdam

A walking/biking route to 14 gold and silver smiths through the historic centre of Amsterdam, for everyone with a heart for jewelry and an appreciation for originality. Craftsmanship is central to the participating gold and silver smiths. All creations are Dutch Design and Made in Holland. The jewelry on display varies from ultra-modern to semi classic, offering you a broad spectrum of styles to admire.

The grand opening of this route will be Saturday May 20th.
Special for this occasion Stefan will involve you in the creation of his new jewelry line. See and feel raw materials, try some different models on and participate in the process of designing jewelry.

Check out the website for more information! www.sieradenroute.nl