Annette Ehinger’s hand cut gemstones

Every February, Stefan visits Europe’s largest jewelry trade fair in Munich, Germany. This fair houses some of the words largest and innovative jewelry brands, as well as the newest technical equipment in making jewelry. What attracts Stefan the most are the emerging artists that think outside the box while making luxury pieces. These artists he visits each year at the fair, to see what they have been creating over the past year.

One of these artists is Annette Ehinger from Pforzhiem, Germany. She has been making her award winning jewelry since 2004. Annette begins by selecting high quality raw gemstones and slowly hand forms these to find their perfect individual shape. Once she is satisfied with the gemstone, she highlights their beauty by suspending them within a gold setting, in either a pair of earrings, a necklace or ring. The special characteristic of her pieces, is that the stones are not held in a static setting but are free to move and catch the light.

Orange citrine earrings
Green amethyst necklace
Blue stone earrings