Do you have gold jewelry you never wear?

Jewelry often gets passed down from loved one to loved one. Unfortunately, over time, these pieces can become dated, left unworn and sadly forgotten. Stefan has worked with many clients breathing new life into old pieces. We’ve filmed a short series of Stefan re-purposing all the value, sentiment and nostalgia into a beautiful new piece of custom jewelry.

Starting with a private consultation, Stefan works with you to determine what kind of piece can be made from your gold and what best suits your desires.

Watch this first installment to see Stefan melt the gold and form a bar to begin the transformation

From this point, Stefan works the gold into the next stage: In this case, the formation of a special ring. Through careful cycles of hammering, bending, and filing, watch all the clips as Stefan slowly manipulates this beautiful old material into a new treasure.

Here are examples of rings Stefan has made with recycled gold
Custom made tourmaline ring made from recycled unworn gold.
18 krt gold ring with eternity white diamonds. Shown on a women's hand.

Do you want to see more of this process?

Watch the 4 Part series of Stefan creating the ring from recycled gold on our NEW YouTube channel!