The development from idea to reality.

You have a request for a custom made ring but how does your idea become a wearable piece of jewelry?

There was an important day coming, and one of our customers had an idea of a ring for his wife that included the birth stones of his three daughters: Tourmaline, sapphire and a diamond.

Sometimes Stefan starts with drawings and other times he goes straight to his machines to get a sense of how the raw materials interact. Using pen and paper can be an easy way to share ideas, changing shape and color quickly. But sometimes actually seeing the materials together and trying a test model can be a necessary way to rule out what works and what does not.

There have been lots of sketches and test pieces set aside over the years, but they are never thrown away. Each one contributes to the discussion of ideas and the collection of concepts that make up Stefan’s style and design history.

This is how your ideas get translated into realty.

Pen and paper drawing of a custom ring design by Stefan Witjes Amsterdam.
Pieces of jewelry in the workshop of jewelry designer Stefan Witjes.
Custom made ring from stainless steel with three gem stones, diamond, tourmaline and a sapphire.

What one of our customers says about working with Stefan –

“It was important to work with a designer not just a jeweller selling other people’s work. Creating a piece with Stefan is a core part of the value of the jewellery and telling the story to others of how we worked with him to design it gives repeated joy.” – Janet Cardinell, California USA

Want to see more jewlery?

We post regularly all the finished pieces that Stefan has been making in his workshop on Instagram.

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