Beautiful and original designs with a personal touch. Stefan is easy to talk to and will help you discover what you want, whether you are looking for wedding bands or another beautiful piece for a special occasion.” – Nienke van der Wal

The power of steel and diamonds.

What happens when you combine these elements?

Astonishing strength and beauty.

Steel’s strength and durability, and it’s clean, cool colour are renowned.  As a personal ornament, Stefan has been manipulating steel like no other from the very early years of his craft. Like him, you can’t help but be seduced by the powerful weight you feel when you place it on your body. It acts as a reminder of the jewelry’s timelessness.
Choosing to add a special solitaire or even a long row of small brilliant cut diamonds may surprise you: Something truly special happens when the ageless strength of stainless steel is contrasted
with the brilliance of a diamond. The tension between their elemental powers ignites an almost mystical reaction.

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